Hi, I'm Heather. I used to have a blog until I discovered that I really liked the tumblr format. I like a lot of things. Topping that list are writing, reading, video games, music, photography, tea, and my friends, not necessarily in that order.

I suspect that this is going to devolve into me posting youtube videos well after they were cool on the internet, but I'm okay with that.


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I got my Sorapot today and it has made me very, very happy. Song is Das Racist - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell [for no reason other than I think it’s funny]. Tea is Samovar’s Four Seasons Oolong.

Thanks, iPhoto, for making me look good. Also, the photos in it were pre-edit, so if you want to see them post-edit [and/or, you know, not moving about], head over this-a-way.

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Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell | here

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